Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Sexual transmitted diseases or Venereal diseases,specially in the past we called Venereal diseases but today most commonly called Sexual transmitted diseases.İn those sexuall transmitted diseases some of them more serious and need to be more carefull,such as chlamydia,AIDS and Hepatitis B.Sexual transmitted diseases are more common people unmaried and homeless.

The important facts  of these diseases

AIDS should be diagnosed early,Gonorrhea is another sexual transmitted diseases if diagnosed late may cause severe infection ,septicemia which means microbes in blood.

Most causative agent for Sexual diseases are;

1) Chlamydia infection 
2) Genital herpes Virus
3) Genital Warts (HPV)
4) Gonorrhea
5) Hepatitis B
6) syphilis (syphilis) (13 million)
7) Chancroid (soft chancre, or ulcer)
8) Lymphogranuloma venereum venerum
9) Granuloma inguinale
10), AIDS (human immuno deficiency syndrome).
Hepatitis B and AIDS transmitted by blood.

What are the Symptoms of Sexual Transmitted Diseases

- Discharge pus  from the genital organs (gonorrhea: yellow-green; chlamydia: blurry and mucoid-like snot)
- Lower abdominal pain and pelvic pain (women)
- Pain during sexual contact
- Sore in the genital area, swelling and the formation of warts
- Itching
- Menstrual irregularity
-Frequent urination , and painful and burning urination

Where  to Go ?

İf you have one of the symptoms listed above, you should go hospital specially Obstetrics and Gynecology or Urology )
İt is easy to test for AIDS and as well for other diseases.

For Protection

Single Partner ,As the increase of partners numbers there are risk for getting sexual transmitted diseases.
Be carefull to sexual contact with suspicious people
Use always condom,İt is not protect one hundred percent but almost it is reduces the risk of contamination
Go away from Alcohol and never use Drugs
Do not use syringes and needles if those are used bu someone
İf you worried about some of symptoms  make blood test 

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