Pancreatic cancer is the of the most common cancer ,which is commonly seen in men.Pancreatic cancer has a low survival rate ,it is most often diagnosed when already tumor spreads to the other organs.Today pancreatic cancer cause one of the most common death in cancer.

For pancreatic cancer has no routine screening test.and it is most commonly diagnosed by advanced stage.
Pancreatic cancer symptoms

Pancreatic cancer most often has no any symptoms in the beginning of cancer but in late stage of cancer may seen ;
Abdominal pain in the upper part
Weight loss
Loss of appetite
Changes of bowel habits such as may seen diarrhoea or constipation
Yellowish skin and eyes
Back pain and  can seen diabetes
Causes of Pancreatic cancer 

The exact causes of pancreatic cancer are unknown.but in some of things can increase risk of pancreatic cancer;
Age of 65
A family history of pancreatic,ovarian and colon cancer
Chronic pancreatitis (inflammation of pancreas )
Smokers are two times more likely to develop pancreatic cancer.


Treatment of Pancreatic cancer depends on stage of cancer.İt may include surgery,endoscopic treatment and radiotherapy ,chemotherapy
We all want to be happy in our life, but sometimes it is not easy to get both of them ,it needs to take some effort.In life as we know many Duff problems but we can survive and we can get both of them if we follow some basic rules and trying for being good than before.
Our advice to you at this important points

1.Get enough sleep

Today sleep problems really common,many people suffers from sleeping disorders so it directly affect to the our Daily activity and body metabolism.without getting enough sleep brings many problem and in the day it lowers affect of Daily activity.Approximately 7 or 8 hours of sleep will be enough for our strong energy with the Daily activity.

2.Consume Fresh fruits

Consuming Daily fresh fruits are really necessary fort he healthy activity.Because fresh fruits contains fresh vitamins and minerals for those of them contain strong energy which body needs to work functionally order to deficiency of vitamins and minerals you will get many negative effects because for good functioning of metabolism we need some basic vitamins and mineral.Adequate vitamins and mineral will increase your body energy and prevent from fatigue and many another problems of the body.

3.Drink water
Water is the most essential source of the life without them we can not live or even life can not continuing.there are many health benefits of water,regular drink of water may help a lot of body system ,such as regulate body metabolism,increase blood circulation ,prove some energy requirements and more many.

Way to be health and happy is necessary drinking adequately water.

4.Regular exercise
Running, walking, singing, using the bike as exercise to count everything for us would be very helpful, It makes more regular our metabolism.By the regular exercise will help for regulation of the blood circulation and prevent high blood pressure, vascular disorders and increase circulation of the blood to the organs. World health organization is recommended minimum 30 minutes exercises everyday ,this is very important recommendations fort he people to prevent disorders, because today there some terrible research about increasing number of diabetes ,heart diseases and many disorder which can be prevent by the some life changes ,sedentary life today Major problem for most of countries


Smiling is most simply things which you can do every time with minimum effort,when we are smiling our bring will get happy signals which means we are happy those signals are effected to the health too.

6.No Stress please 

Today it is not easy to get away from stress but we can eliminate effect of stress by changing some Daily behaviors or choosing less stress environment,because stress plays very important role in the developing of many diseases which some of them may can be life threading such heart attack,sudden death etc.
Acai berry is a used for centuries by the many natives, it brings popularity to the Acai berry,because it is a health food and with anti-oxidant function.after Oprah Winfrey Show many companies,try to find main properties  of the Acai berry and  a for vital ingredient of beauty products.

Acai berry is great fruit  and with the many benefits. Here we list some of them :

İt delays ageing due to anti-oxidant properties and clear the skin so look younger

İt helps to the digestion system  and provides high energy levels

İt helps to improve sexual performance and prevent infertility

İt reduces risk of many serious diseases such as diabetes,cardiac problems and many chronic disorders.

Helps to stabilize blood cholesterol level and prevent atherosclerosis

Scientist analyzed Acai berry and result is awesome

In 100 g of dry Acai fruit

 Calories – 533.9

 Total carbohydrates – 52.2 g

 Dietary fiber – 44.2 g

 Sugars – low 

 Protein – 8.1 g

 Total fat – 32.5 g

 Vitamin C – negligible, vitamin A – 1002U, calcium – 260 mg, iron – 4.4 mg, aspartic acid and glutamic acid.s

Acai berry is great source for anthocyanins, a type of flavonoid compound that may have help to prevent  disease and therapeutic roles in a number of diseases such as diabetes and heart disease, because of its anti-oxidant properties.


Rich in dietary fiber and help digestion system

Naturally fruit that helps lowering sugar

Great source of the anthocyanin it reduces oxidative stress

Reducing risk of diabetes,heart diseases and chronic disorders
Today many people suffer from high blood pressure,This problem gives many serious problem in the period of later may caused vessel damage and kidney failure so heart attack and etc.İt is very important that stabilize to the blood pressure and prevent the chronic damage of hypertension.

High blood pressure is not harmful only with itself disease but in the later stage high blood pressure effects many organs  such kidney,heart ,eye and brain the risk are very harmful and sometimes life threatening but you can prevent of those serious result as chronic complication of high blood pressure.

What is hypertension ?

Hypertension is a condition of high blood pressure and it gives the damage to the our vital organs and as a later stage it causes of many problems.hypertension may caused kidney failure,heart attack or sudden death and brain damage.There are mainly two types of blood pressure Primary and Secondary hypertension.

Primary Hypertension

Primary hypertension, the high blood pressure conditions of about 90 percent which is responsible for Hypertension.İn that primary  hypertension reason for hypertension is unknown, The main goal of the treatment of hypertension is to achieve optimal level of blood pressure and prevent organ damages

Secondary Hypertension

Secondary hypertension is rare than primary hypertension.In the second type of hypertension caused by diseases which affects to the blood pressure.some factors may lead to secondary hypertension such as feokrositoma ( adrenal tumor ), and diabetes or etc.

Symptoms of very high blood pressure

If your blood pressure is extremely high, there may be certain symptoms to look out for including:
Chest pain
Increase heartbeat
Visual problems
Dyspnea(difficulty breathing )
Severe headache

Hypertension risk factors

Overweight and obesity
Little or no exercise
Too much salt in the diet
Drinking too much alcohol
Ethnic background (black person of African or Caribbean descent or of South Asian descent)
History of high blood pressure in the family
Research Fellow with Otago's Department of Human Nutrition Dr Lisa Te Morenga, Professor Jim Mann and colleagues have conducted a review and meta-analysis of all international studies that compared the effects of higher versus lower added sugar consumption on blood pressure and lipids (blood fats or cholesterol) - both of which are important cardiovascular risk-factors. 

They located dietary intervention trials published in English-speaking journals between 1965 and 2013, comparing diets where the only intended differences were the amount of sugars and non-sugar carbohydrates consumed by the participants, and which measured the effects of these diets on lipids and blood pressure. 

They found 37 trials reporting effects on lipids and 12 reporting effects on blood pressure. The findings from the individual trials were then pooled to determine the overall effects from all the studies. 

Dr Te Morenga says previous research showed that there did not appear to be any special metabolic effect of sugars making people more likely to gain weight on high-sugar diets compared with low sugar diets when the total amount of carbohydrates and energy remains the same. 

The research has been published online in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.
A new study led by a researcher at the Stanford University School of Medicine finds men who are infertile because of defects in their semen are at greater risk of dying sooner than men with normal semen.
 Male Infertility Linked to Mortality: Study

udy Men with two or more abnormalities in their semen were more than twice as likely to die over a roughly eight-year period as men who had normal semen, the study found. 

Smoking and diabetes — either of which doubles mortality risk — both get a lot of attention, noted the study's lead author, Michael Eisenberg, MD, PhD, assistant professor of urology and Stanford's director of male reproductive medicine and surgery. "But here we're seeing the same doubled risk with male infertility, which is relatively understudied." 

Infertility is a widespread medical complaint in developed countries, where about one in seven couples is affected at some point. But this is only the third study worldwide, and the first in the United States, to address the question of a connection between male infertility and mortality, said Eisenberg. 

Results from the two earlier studies, one in postwar Germany and another of more recent vintage in Denmark, were conflicting. 

In the new study titled "Semen quality, infertility and mortality in the USA," to be published online May 16 in Human Reproduction, Eisenberg and his colleagues examined records of men ages 20 to 50 who had visited one of two centers to be evaluated for possible infertility. In all, about 12,000 men fitting this description were seen between 1994 and 2011 at Stanford Hospital & Clinics or between 1989 and 2009 at the Baylor College of Medicine in Houston. At both clinics, data were available for several aspects of a patient's semen quality, such as total semen volume and sperm counts, motility and shape. (Dolores Lamb, PhD, and Larry Lipshultz, MD, of Baylor were senior authors of the study.) 

By keying identifiers for the patients to data in the National Death Index and the Social Security Death index, the investigators were able to monitor these men's mortality for a median of about eight years. "We were able to determine with better than 90 percent accuracy who died during that follow-up time," Eisenberg said. "There was an inverse relationship. In the years following their evaluation, men with poor semen quality had more than double the mortality rate of those who didn't." 

While no single semen abnormality in itself predicted mortality, men with two or more such abnormalities had more than double the risk of death over the eight-year period following their initial fertility examination compared with those with no semen abnormalities. The greater the number of abnormalities, the higher the mortality rate, the study found. 

"Eisenberg and colleagues provide empirical evidence in support of the evolving literature suggesting that human fecundity influences health and disease across the life span," Germaine Buck Louis, PhD, director of the division of intramural population health research at the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, wrote in an accompanying editorial, "Male fecundity and its implications of health and disease across the lifespan," in Human Reproduction. "Human fecundity may be both informative and predictive about continual health status and later-onset disease." 

Of the 11,935 men who were followed, 69 died during the follow-up period — a seemingly small number. This reflects, first and foremost, the patients' relative youth: Their median age was 36.6 years. But it also reflects the fact that men who get evaluated for infertility tend to have a higher-than-average socio-economic status and have accordingly better diets, education and access to health care. 

Moreover, men who are concerned about infertility are men who want to have children. "If you're trying to have a child, you're probably reasonably healthy at the moment and in mental shape to be planning for your future," Eisenberg said. In fact, the men seen at the two medical centers — both those with and those without semen abnormalities — tended to die at slower rates than the general U.S. male population. 

Nevertheless, within this select group, the difference in death rates between those who had semen abnormalities and those who didn't was statistically significant. Those with two or more semen abnormalities were more than twice as likely to die during the follow-up period as those without any. This difference remained despite the investigators' efforts to control, where possible, for baseline health differences between the two sets of patients. They corrected for age and known diseases. 

"It's plausible that, even though we didn't detect it, infertility may be caused by pre-existing general health problems," Eisenberg said. The true cause of increased mortality risk, then, would be not infertility per se, but those health problems. 

"But we controlled for this factor as best we could, and while that did attenuate the measured risk somewhat, there seems to be something else going on. Could it be genetic, developmental or hormonal factors? Or could it be that something about the experience of having and raising kids — even though you may sometimes feel like they're killing you — actually lowers mortality?" 

Eisenberg and his associates are trying to figure out why this is happening. "Is their blood pressure rising? What about their blood sugar, or other measures? We are starting to do prospective data collections now, through a collaboration involving several centers in the United States and Canada," he said.
It is very common type of cancer among the men,it could be aggressive cancer which spreads another part of the body and may lead to death too.But like in every cancer early diagnoses are very important for the treatment and prevention of the any complication.

Prostate is a gland which is located in the male reproductive system.Cancer develops from prostate but usually takes long time to be understand and for the treatment.Prostate  cancer may spread to other parts of the body,specially common in the bones and lymph nodes.After developed prostate cancer there are some symptoms may alert for prostate enlargement or for prostate cancer.

Those symptoms are :

Pain during urinating
Difficulty in urinating
Sexual intercourse problems
Erectile problems

What are the symptoms of Prostate cancer ?

Early stage of Prostate cancer may shown no any symptoms but after tumors developed it start to show some special symptoms on urinary system and to other.Those symptoms may occur same as for prostate gland hyperlasia so if you have some of those symptoms  you should go to your doctor but think those symptoms are not only for Prostate cancer

Blood in the Urine
Painful during urination
Difficult starting of urine
More urination at night

But in some cases of Prostate cancer may not shown any symptoms until to diagnosed but in some cases of prostate cancer have one or more symptoms.In the late stage of the prostate cancer may metastases to the another part of the body and more often metastases bones and as result may seen bone pain.those bones are affected by the prostate cancer metastases those are vertebra,pelvis and ribs

Risk factors 

Such as many of cancer  some risk factors are necessary for the developing of Cancer,Those symptoms are obesity,history of cancer in the family,and by age because prostate cancer has always develop in elderly men,life style changes and nutritional habits which means inorganic food,bad habits such as smoking those risk factors potentially increase risk of the prostate cancer.
Today diabetes is very common disease all around the world.Diabetic patient percentage increasing in the United State.Sometimes people completely unaware about complication of diabetes but it can  be caused serious complications such kidney failure,heart attack .

Here we list of the common diabetes symptoms :

Polyuria ( frequent urination )
İf you are going to the bathroom to urinate more recently,just think about diabetes.because when is the high level of glucose in the blood,people will urinate more often.

Polydipsia ( Thirsty )
İncreasing frequency of urination brings to drinks water much more than before ,because if people are urinating more than need to replace that lost liquid.that is way we need to drink more than usual.

As we know if insulin is not working properly,than cells are not getting enough energy ,as the result ,our body may react to finding more energy and a result we becoming hungry.

Weight gain
This is the result of the eating so much food.

Weight loss
Weight loss is a another common symptoms in diabetes type1.reason for the loosing weight is as your body is not making insulin and   body will seek another source of energy,muscle tissue or fat will taken down for producing is more common in type 1 diabetes.

If your insulin is not working properly, or is not there at all, glucose will not be entering your cells and providing them with energy. This will make you feel tired and listless.

Blurred vision
Late wound healing

increases skin and/or yeast infections
Itchy skin

A feeling of itchiness on your skin is sometimes a symptom of diabetes.

Gums are red and/or swollen - Gums pull away from teeth
If your gums are tender, red and/or swollen this could be a sign of diabetes. Your teeth could become loose as the gums pull away from them.

Frequent gum disease/infection

Sexual dysfunction among men

frequent or constant sexual dysfunction (erectile dysfunction), it could be a symptom of diabetes.

Numbness or tingling, especially in your feet and hands
Fibromyalgia is a medical disorder in which a person feels pain and aches throughout the body, this pain is found in some points which are also called tender points, which include low back, hips, shoulders, arms, leg and neck. Tender points which are mentioned above hurts a lot when some sort of pressure is put on them. Majority of people having fibromyalgia are women, there percentage is around 75-85% whereas men have less ratio of it.

Signs and symptoms of Fibromyalgia:

There are many symptoms of fibromyalgia but the main one's are :
1. Fatigue.

2. Joint pain.

3. Depression.

4. Stress.

5. Anxiety.

6. Headaches.

Causes of Fibromyalgia:

It has been caused to many people but its cause is not known up til now, some of the main causes which specialists think that they may be involved are:

1. Infection.

2. Illness.

3. Accidents like bike or car crash.

4. Doing same action again and again and getting injured by that.

5. It may be caused genetically.

6. Due to wrong posture.

Diagnosis of Fibromyalgia:

The diagnosis process is carried out by doctors by checking the past history of patient. It can only be diagnosed if the person have this pain from more than 1-2 months and having pain in tender points.

Treatment of Fibromyalgia:

It can only be treated with regular exercise and doctors advices physical therapy, pain killers are used to control pain.
1.Cancer is a characterized by the uncontrolled growth of cells.Today cancer is a most common cause of the death so some facts about cancer,which you should know.

.There are more than 100 types of cancer.we all have risk of getting one of type of cancer

2.Tobacco products are main cause of the cancer ,which can preventable.Tobacco products responsible 22% of cancer deaths.

.The latest research of American Cancer Society has shown about 174.100 cancer deaths will be using tobacco products.

3.In 2012 13.7 million Americans have history of cancer 

 .Skin cancer is another preventable cancer which is necessary affect of the sun exposure and ultraviolet light. more than 2 million skin cancers are diagnosed every year.

İncrease risk of cancer after age of 40, most cases occur in middle age or older.But  about 77 percent of cancer diagnoses by age of 50 or older. 

4.In 2013  580.350 Americans  died of cancer.That means 1,600 people a day.

 .Heart disease still number one which can cause death but cancer is the second most common cause of the death in the U.S.

 For men prostate cancer is the most commonly diagnosed  but in women breast cancer is the most common cancer.

Common cancers among men are:

Prostate cancer
Lung cancer
Colon cancer

And common cancers among women are:

Breast cancer
Lung cancer

But in both sex lung cancer is the one of the cancer which lead to death

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