10 Amazing Benefits of Green Tea

Green tea as a medicine in China and throughout Asia.Mainly using for lowering blood pressure and to prevent cancer.But if you ask why green tea has more health benefits than black tea ? because  black tea has allow for fermentation but for green tea avoids the fermentation.And another factor Green tea has antioxidant and polyphenols those compound give green tea its so much benefits.

Some special health benefits of Green Tea

Green tea increases body metabolism so it helps for weight loss.And another compound in the green tea polyphenol  helps to burn fat.

Green tea helps for the regulation of blood glucose levels.it helps to blood sugar metabolism.that can helps prevent rising insulin spikes.

Green tea helps to lowering blood pressure.it also helps on the ways of blood vessels ,it also protect for preventiton blood clots ,which is main reason of heart attacks

Green tea can reduce risk of cancer,specially  esophageal cancer.İt has functions as a killing cancer cells.

Green tea helps to regulate blood cholesterol,it reduces LDL which we call bad cholesterol and improves HDL good cholesterol.

Green tea has great benefits on brain cells,Green tea protect brain cells in case some degenerative diseases such Alzheimer's and Parkinson's

Green tea has antibacterial action ,it prevents toot decay and viruses that cause throat infections.

Blood Pressure. Taking regular of green tea  reduce the risk of high blood pressure.

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