What is Colon Cancer ? Causes,Symptoms and Treatment

What is Colon Cancer?

Colon means large intestine,Colon cancer is mostly seen in adults specially after age of 45.Colon cancer is more common developed countries,reason for that passive life style and daily diet such fast food and fatty food.Men and Women both are affected equally,early diagnosis is important for the treatment of colon cancer.

What are Causes of Colon Cancer?

The causes for colon cancer is still unknown but according to the research environmental and genetic factors are very important for the developing of colon cancer.Another risk factor for colon cancer is family history if some in your family had colon cancer propally  you are also at risk of colon cancer.İn those who have high risk for colon cancer they should be under medical supervision with regular checking by physician.There are some another gastrointestinal disorders which are related to the development of colon cancer those are ulcerative colitis,Chron's disease.

What are the symptoms of Colon cancer ?

First colon cancer symptoms can be unrecognizable but in the later stages patient may feel abdominal fullness,changes in bowel habits,changes stool color, Poor appetite,weight loss and blood in the stool and another symptoms of Colon cancer are diarrhea,constipation and abdominal pain can be seen.Those symptoms may related from other gastrointestinal disorder for this reason exact diagnosis should be done with biopsy

You know that as with any types on cancer ,early diagnosis is so much important as well as in colon cancer too.For this purpose people specially after age of  40 ,they must visit doctor for the  colonoscopy,unfortunately some people they are feel bad to be done colonoscopy but anyway it is really important for the early diagnosis of colon cancer.

Colon cancer is often diagnosed too late,because of the time to contact doctor.İn those case treatment of colon cancer getting more difficult and lowering change to recovery easily and fast.İf tumor has metastasis to the other organs  patient should take chemotherapy ,because surgical treatment may have not effect in those patient.

Treatment of Colon Cancer 

Main way  treatment of colon cancer are surgery,to resect tissue which surrounded to the tumors.but if tumors has already metastasis to the other organs in that time surgery is less effective and curative.

Ways to Prevent Colon Cancer

İmportant to take fiber foods which is helpful for the increasing bowel movements.According to the one study fibers food has been found to be effective in the prevention of Colon cancer.

Fatty food another risk factor for Colon cancer,we should stay away from fatty foods ,especially red meat and fatty foods.

Another great prevention method for colon cancer is visiting regularly doctor,because before colon cancer in large intestines appear precancerous polyps and if they recognize earlier,it can be easily prevent before they turn to the cancer.

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