What is Thalassemia ? Causes,Types and Symptoms

Thalassemia is a hereditary disease it is so called Autosomal Recessive Blood disease. It is inherited, In thalassemia the genetic defect causes the rate of synthesis of one chain called globin that makes up hemoglobin, the lack of hemoglobin causes anemia that may lead to death.

Types Of Thalassemia : 

There are two major types of thalassemia one is minor thalassemia and the other is major thalassemia.the several sub classes of thalassemia are Alpha thalassemias, Beta thalassemias and the Delta thalassemia. These kinds of thalassemia are common in Africa, Greece and Italy. Thalassemias are inherited disorders. That is, they are passed on from parents to their children through genes. People who get abnormal hemoglobin genes from one parent but normal genes from the other are called carriers. Carriers often have no signs of illness other than mild anemia. However, they can pass the abnormal genes on to their children.

Symptoms Of Thalassemia :

Commonly it is seen that thalassemia is mostly found in those place of the world which are humid climates where malaria is generally common. Thalassemia cannot be cured uptill now no such treatment is found to tackle thalassemia, minor thalassemia can be cope up with providing sufficient required amount of purified blood to the patient. mostly it has been seen that the patients do survive in minor thalassemia if they get the proper amount of blood they need at that specific time when their actual blood stops or lack hemoglobin, but when they get the blood they feel better than before and can start their daily routine as before but when their body lacks blood they cannot do any work properly, cannot eat well, cannot sleep, cannot do other basic activites, their body becomes so dull. Certain body muscles and joints looses their rigidity and becomes useless, on the other hand major thalassemia is definitely uncurable and it is more severe than the minor one, in this type of thalassemia the chances of patient to survive are more less than that compare to patient of minor thalassemia patient, they sometimes don’t accept the blood given to them, their body is unable to produce hemoglobin even in a few in amount.

Causes Of Thalassemia :

The causes of thalasseima are following (1) sometimes by interpersonal marriages (that is, two person married to same family blood for e.g if they are first cousins than there are more chances for them to have thalassemia in one or two of their children) (2) by inheritance if some one in family had thalasseima in past than there are more chances for the next generation to have thalassemia in any one of them. (3) the parents can transfer thalassemia to their kids through their gene.

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