What is Hemorrhoid ? Causes,Symptoms and Treatment

Hemorrhoids is the disease in which the veins around the lower rectum are swallowed and inflamed.

Hemorrhoids Causes : The main causes of hemorrhoids are diet and sitting in toilet with wrong posture,having anal intercourse, eating bad or too much food or eating too much fiber, will leads to constipation which in result causes hemorrhoid.

Second big factor of this disease is sitting in toilet with wrong posture, some people read newspaper in toilet thinking that it is a modern style but it is very bad.

Hemorrhoids Treatment :Hemorrhoids is the disease which happens by getting pressure on our lower part veins or you can say portal veins.
As you all know that this disease has several causes to happen, the main causes of this disease are Liver Disease, Constipation,Vomiting, Coughing, Diarrhea, Too Much Fatness In The Body and Some People have born hemorrhoid.
All most every kind of disease or infection has some treatment in every part of world. Hemorrhoids has also got treatment, the sufferer of this disease can get relief through these treatment methods, which i am going write below in points.

1. Drink more than 2 litters of water daily and use mineral water.

2. Doctors advises hemorrhoids patients not to sit more than 1 hour continuously at the same place, change you position every half an hour.

3. There are many creams and liquids for this disease, buy from medical stores after taking doctors advice to get rapid relief.

4. If you are over weight then loose your weight through exercise and other physical activities.

5. Always use quality toilet papers, avoid using rough and cheap toilet papers.

6. Eat more quantity of fiber daily, specially eat fresh green vegetables, because they have got more fiber in them.

7. Use ice to heal the infected place time to time, which has got swelling.

8. Fresh yourself by taking bath several times a day, but do not take bath while standing, use tub or chair.

9. Do not use tight clothes, always wear loose clothes.

10. Always clean you anus with moist toilet paper.

Some doctors use laser procedures to give relief to patients of hemorrhoids, they use electric triggers to shrink the tissues and blood supply of portal vein to avoid more happening of hemorrhoids.

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