Amazing Health Benefits of Coffee

Coffee is a hot drink which is have very great benefits for people .İt is prevent many diseases and increased level of health status.So what are benefits of Coffee

1. Gallstone Prevention

The research about Gallstone prevention has show that women who drank at least four cups of coffe a day ,25 percent decrease risk of gallstones.İt is same also for men.This research has been taken by Harvard University.

2. Depression Prevention

Coffee diminished risk of getting depression.Specially two or three cups of daily coffee.

3. Memory Improvement

Coffee can help improvement Memory for long and shor term.Researchers found that consuming two cups of coffee improved short term memory and reaction times.

And also another study about Alzheimer's disease,that show coffe also helps to decrease the risk of Alzheimer's disease.

4. Decrease risk of Diabetes 

Coffee helps to lowering risk of Diabetes Type 2,
A January 2012 report in the 'Journal of Agricultural & Food Chemistry" might explain why. It attributes the effect to compounds in coffee that block hIAPP, a polypeptide that can result in abnormal protein fibers, which are found in people with Type 2.

5. Decreases Cancer Risk

Coffee  has been associated with decreased risk of breast, endometrial, prostate and liver cancers, and those linked with obesity, estrogen and insulin. A 2008 Swedish study found that drinking at least two to three cups a day reduced the risk or delayed the onset of breast cancer.

6. Metabolism Boost

Coffee might help you maintain -- or even lose -- weight. A study as far back as 1980 found that the caffeine found in coffee stimulates the metabolism, but that only “normal,” rather than obese, subjects experienced greater oxidation of fat.

7. Lower Risk for Parkinson’s Disease

The "Journal of the American Medical Association" in has found that the caffeine intake associated with coffee translated into a lower risk of developing Parkinson’s. 

8. Antioxidative Properties

Harvard researcher Edward Giovannucci, in research published in "Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention," noted that coffee has more antioxidants than most vegetables and fruits.

9. Performance-Enhancing Benefits

Coffee -- and the caffeine in it -- has been shown in multiple studies to increase both endurance and short-term performance. A 2008 study concluded that the benefit of caffeine before exercise occurs during endurance events, stop-and-go events and long-term high-intensity activity. 

10. Gout Prevention

A 2007 study of men older than 40 linked long-term coffee consumption with a lower risk of gout, an inflammatory condition caused by elevated levels of uric acid. Decaf and regular both had an effect, and those drinking six cups a day experienced as much as a 60 percent lower risk of gout.

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