8 Amazing Health Benefits of Honey

One of the greatest sweeteners on earth,İt is also recipes ,Honey has many benefits but here we will tell you  Amazing health benefits of Honey

1. Honey helps lowering risk of cancer and Heart diseases
Because Honey contains great compounds which we call flavonoids,Flavonoids has antioxidants effect and help reduce the risk of cancer as well as heart diseases.

2. Honey prevent Ulcer and good for bowel disorders
Many research has found that honey may help disorders such gastric ulcer and inflammation of intestines.Because Hones has anti-inflammatory effect also.

3.Honey effect as Anti-bacterial,Anti-fungal
According to the Honey Research Unit at the University of Waikato Honey is antibacterial because of bees add an enzyme which makes hydrogen peroxide.

4. İncrease body function
Honey also very helpful for Athletes because honey maintain glycogen levels and increase time of recovery

5.Honey has antitusif effect  and throat irritation
Honey has great action on cough,İt helps lowering cough,In a study of 110 children,Which are using just one single dose of honey has action like dextromethorphan.

6. Balance the 5 elements: 
İndian traditional medicine has been using honey at least 4000 years.Honey has great function for the maintaing body balance.İt  is useful for improving weight loss,curing impotance,urinary tract disorders,respiratory disorders.

7. Blood sugar regulation:
Honey contains sugar but it is not same as we know which means white sugar,Honey has organic sugar which helps the regulate blood sugar levels.

8. Heal wounds and burns:
Hones has effect as silver sulfadiazene.With anti-bacterial effect of Honey it works great

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